WordArrangement: Personalized Wedding Poems

Getting married? Attending a wedding? Participating in a wedding?

Give the unique gift of a personalized wedding poem.

Let us arrange the words for you.

The poem can be framed, printed in the program or even read during the rehearsal dinner or reception.

For more information, please email poet Chloe' Yelena Miller at Chloemiller(at)gmail(dot)com                            or call +1 908 265 2147.

Don't miss our new blog: http://wordarrangement.wordpress.com/ Chloe' shares her wedding poem writing and wedding planning tips from her recent wedding.

You are welcome to visit her website: ChloeYelenaMiller.com

The Personalized Wedding Poems were recently auctioned at The National Italian American Foundation's Ambassador's Ball Auction (2008) and for a Department of Health Management and Policy Auction at the 
University of Michigan School of Public Health (2008).

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