WordArrangement: Personalized Wedding Poems

for Christa and Jas, 2006

His proposal bridged east and west
as they kissed between the words.
In her poems, she immortalizes
her story, then his, now theirs.
Two narrators, one plot. They are engaged
after five years of sweetness.
The unwritten years’ ink
fills in craters, lifts the sun and moon.
She bakes with measured flour,
adds pinches of spice, sugar until it tastes like home.
The earth provides colors, flavor,
and the couple builds, creates above.

For Rasheea and Royce, 2006

They squeeze the whole of the other.
The past, the future: a world steadied by this embrace.
The couple is united by warmth, safety.
With each embrace they travel deeper,
love each other more.
They are a family. Each heart welcomed by the other
even before they jumped over the broom,
holding hands as they always do.
Their bodies and souls danced into one future
before their loved ones, present and distant.
Their hearts and spirits match: two bears
glowing in the sun, playing, exploring,
truly living every day, together.

for Alethea & Jason, 2000

Dreaming in the English
of East, West,
male, female,
you created a Creole
between your lips.
Shifting like melting honey,
the wax grammar
dissolves with kisses
as you, a couple,
are fluent,
in your language of romance.

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