WordArrangement: Personalized Wedding Poems
  1. Email Chloé (Chloemiller(at)gmail(dot)com) stating your interest and your relationship to the bride, groom or couple.
  2. Chloé will email you the appropriate questionnaire within 24 hours.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability (not all questions will apply) and return it to Chloé.
  4. Within two weeks, you will receive the personalized wedding poem.
  5. As per your request, up to two sets of revisions will be made after you’ve reviewed the poem.
  6. When you are satisfied, your poem will be sent to you. You may decide to have it printed on a background of roses photographed by Melabee M. Miller. The poem can be matted and mailed to you.

For more information, please email poet Chloe' Yelena Miller at Chloemiller(at)gmail(dot)com                           or call +1 908 265 2147.