WordArrangement: Personalized Wedding Poems

I delivered the poem to 48 guests at rehearsal dinner in Wialea. There were about 48 people with tears in their eyes by the time I finished. My daughter-in-law and son were moved (as was I).

Thank you so much for your contribution to NAIF. It was wonderful.

     - John DiCaro on a poem for his son's wedding in 2008

I had Chloe write a poem as a gift for my friends' wedding. I filled out her questionnaire and then answered further questions in a followup conversation. Then she created a wonderful poem that really captured the couple -- all without ever having met them! The result was a hit. She really knows how to ask the questions to find those telling details that make the poem really intimate.

     - Hans Noel on a poem for his friends' wedding in 2006

My husband surprised me on our wedding day with a poem about our relationship written by Chloe. Not only was it beautifully presented, but it really captured the spirit of who we are as a couple. We've hung it on the wall in our home and it reminds us everyday of that magical time in our lives.

     - Christa Verem on a poem for her wedding in 2006

Any engaged couple would be lucky to have you add your creativity to their special occasion. I am also happy to be a reference for the fact that you wrote a lovely personalized poem for my wedding.

     - Alethea and Jason Cono on a poem for their wedding in 2000

I adored the custom poem Chloe created for my husband and I. I received this piece of art at work and my co-workers cooed over the beauty of Chloe's words and the presentation of the poem. Chloe is truly a gifted artist and her attention to detail is evident in her work. Even my husband who ususally does not have lot to say about poetry was impressed. He kept nodding his head and saying, 'It's beautiful, it's beautiful.' Thanks so much Chloe for creating this piece we will treasure for years."

     - Rasheea Hall on a poem about her wedding to Royce in 2005

I am so touched that you wrote such a poem! I had a lump in my throat as I read it. I really like the way it begins and absolutely LOVE the way it ends. The end ties in so perfectly with the poem's title, with the city it's set in, and with the theme of circle of life. I also like the image of her strides as paint strokes, as if to say parents are like artists, using strokes to "paint" their child, who then takes on a life of its own {...} Wow, I really like all the issues raised by your poem; it's really intellectually and emotionally stimulating!

          - Alethea and Jason Cono on a poem about their daughter

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